Wellness Challenge participant at Gray Chiropractic
Wellness Challenge participants at Crossfit Amplitude
Wellness Challenge team at Gray Chiropractic
Wellness Challenge participant at sponsor store

“Oftentimes we need bold action to help kickstart a change in our lives. The Winston-Salem Wellness Challenge through CrossFit Amplitude provided this for me. The enthusiastic coaching, alongside specific dietary guidelines and wellness practices, helped put me on the right path for good health and well-being. The challenge provided thoughtful instructions for diet and wellness, and targeted exercise for a healthier lifestyle. While the 4-week challenge was not easy, it was, and still is, something that is attainable. Having applied most of the principles of the challenge to my daily life after the 28-day challenge, I can proudly say that I have lost over 50 pounds and feel much better on a daily basis! Thank you to everyone at CrossFit Amplitude for continuing to inspire and guide me in my journey for better wellness!”

Steven Karagiorgis

I turned 66 in January and am better now than I was at 50. CrossFit Amplitude and the Winston Salem Wellness Challenge has played a HUGE part. The WSWC was a shot in the arm for my program and gave me tools I am still using. Thanks to the whole team! I know you will love this program and be better for it. I’m coming back!

Dr Eugene Paschold

“Thank you for the challenge. I am 63 years old and a consistent, hard-excercise buff. I constantly gain weight unless I concentrate on healthy habits. The meal plans (with no-sugar and no artificial ingredients guidelines) forced me to reassess my eating habits. I have lost 21 pounds and 6 inches off my waist during the 4 week challenge! I am staying on the program, including the lifestyle options like meditating and limiting screen time. Thanks again. I needed the focus.”

Joe Long

“Josh, Justin, and Sebastian are amazing! I loved my experience doing the Crossfit Amplitude Wellness Challenge, thanks to a work friend’s invitation. I was at the point in my life when I was sick of staring at the scale—I just wanted to be healthy and vibrant again. I was especially drawn in by the overarching wellness plan that included way more than an awesome workout. Staying within the CAWC nutrition guidelines, I had more energy and felt better than ever. My body changed significantly during that short four weeks. I felt both challenged and encouraged when I worked out, a perfect balance. I realized that with expert trainers, a positive attitude, and plenty of grit, that I could not only reach, but surpass my goals.”

Susan Orgain